Wierde is an experimental interactive animation in which you can operate camera’s and observe the people of a little dutch town called Wierde.

The experiment can be viewed below. Loading times can be long so in the meanwhile take some time for tea and a stroopwafel! Or if you want to play it right now you can download Wierde in the link below.

Download file here

Smooth operators

Joost Jordens
Bob Los
Mike von Rotz
Wilbert van Veldhuizen
Bram Meulman
Elsemiek Olthof


Music composition
Ran Schonewille

Sounddesign & sound direction
Tom de smit

Sound tech
Sjoerd Kats

Audio Programmer
Roelf Mik

Voice coaches
Tom de Smit
Sjoerd Kats

Nola Klop
Lucas Debets
Friso Hoekstra
Mick van Gasteren
Egbert de Ruiter


Extra work
Mats van Reenen
Anouk O’Leary
Amber Vermue
Nik ter Beek

Special thanks to:
Bobby de Groot
Stijn Windig
Colorbleed animation studios



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