Hout (Wood) tells the story of a retired woodcrafter living his remaining days in a snow coated forest, fulfilling his passion: constructing wooden animals.

‘Hout’ is a short animation created by 2nd year animation students at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in the Netherlands. The entire project took five months to create.


Joost Jordens (joostjordens@gmail.com)
Bob Los (losbob44@gmail.com)
Mike von Rotz (mikevonrotz@gmail.com)
Wilbert van Veldhuizen (wvvanveldhuizen@gmail.com)
Bram Meulman (meulmanbram@gmail.com)
Rosalia Black (rosaliablack@gmail.com)

With the voice of:
Thijs Visser

Music by:
Killian Elbers

Sound design by:
Nola Klop
Tom de Smit

Special thanks to:
Bobby de Groot
Egbert de Ruijter
Stijn Windig
Roloff de Jeu


KLIK! Animation Festival, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Short and Sweet, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Capetown, South-Africa
Animated Dreams, 2015, Estonia
Viewster Online Film Festival Animated Worlds, 2015, Online
Studenten Festival, 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Athens ANIMFEST, 2015, Athens, Greece
Stukafest, 2015, Den Haag, Netherlands
Go Short, 2015, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Nederlands Film Festival, 2015, Student Competition, Utrecht, Netherlands
shnit International Film Festival DOCUMENTS, 2015
Corfu Animation Festival BeThere!, 2015
Dublin Animation Film Festival, 2015, Ireland
anim’est International Animation Film Festival, 2015, Bucharest, Romania
Cardiff Animation Nights, 2015, UK


Nominations & Awards

Nominated for Best Animation and Best Film
Shortcutz Annual Awards, 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Winner of November
Shortcutz Weekly, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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